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My work is very strenuous and sometimes hard on my body.  I began seeing Stephanie about 4 +/- years ago for "feel good massage".  It was a soothing experience...  A couple of years ago, she began expanding her work into Connective Tissue (fascia) Massage which was even more therapeutic for me.  I had persistent back and neck pain with my hard outdoor work and the fascia work seemed to keep my pain free for a couple of weeks.  Now, since Stephanie has been studying Structural Integration, I took the complete 10 series.  It seems to have aligned my entire body, one session at a time.  I think I completed the last sessions in April and May, just before my heavy workload in the garden began.  It is now November and I have had almost no occasions of back pain.  I really attribute my good health to the SI work that Stephanie has done with my body.  I am very grateful that she is in Ely and I would recommend her bodywork to anyone that feels they want to decrease the pain in their lives.  Karen Nielsen Friedrich