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Generally I walk through life feeling pretty good.  Good health, positive attitude, etc.  I am also pro-active about staying as healthy as I can, so I met with Stephanie for a 15 minute consultation with the thought of … maybe there is still room for improvement.  Her suggestion of 10 sessions of Structural Integration was way beyond anything I could have ever imagined!

Structural Integration with Stephanie has changed every facet of my daily activities.  I have adapted proper posture techniques and incorporated visualizations which have resulted in a heightened sense of balance, mindfulness, energy, mental clarity, and fluidity.  I can’t say enough of the positive benefits.

It has taught me the value of the vertical line that runs through us all. With each session Stephanie integrated a new body section which soon became a natural state of the whole being.  I no longer have those chronic aches and pains we all learn to live with.  Now with an integrated body those bumps and bangs are naturally brought back into alignment.   One great asset of Structural Integration is that when completed, the body continues to integrate and fine tune the work.  

I feel so fortunate to have had Stephanie guide me through the process.  She is respectful, knowledgeable, and creates a very calming atmosphere.  I highly recommend her 15 minute consultation, which is guaranteed to be a life changer.                                                                                                                                                           

Look out world!

Nancy Hernesmaa, Ely MN


Stephanie always makes me feel special.  She has a very calming influence.  You are never rushed in or out.  She listens to what is going on in your body at that particular moment or week.  When i first started with Stephanie I was a client, now I claim her as a friend.  She is a good listener and she knows her stuff.  I can go into a session feeling tight, sore and just all-round crappy, and I come away feeling rejuvenated.  Stephanie has a way of making suggestions that you will listen to and try out.  She is a very caring person and truly wants you to feel better and wants to help in any capacity.  I have a chronic back and nerve problem.  After a session with Stephanie I feel the stretch and the comfort.  She has helped me manage my back problem, and makes suggestions on what I can do between sessions to help keep my body in tune.  I have recommended her to people.  Try her, you will see what she can do for you. Maggie Roderick, Ely

I had the good fortune to discover Stephanie Bish in the early summer of 2008 for which I am forever grateful.   Her massages weekly that summer and again this summer have helped me more than any other kind of physical therapy which I have received.  Twenty years ago, in a car crash, I suffered a fracture of a vertebra which has caused muscle tension in my back ever since.  Other massage persons over the years gave some relief but none to the degree given me by treatments from Stephanie Bish.  At the end of summer in 2008 (we stay at a cabin near Ely for about 3 months each summer) I thought I might find someone back home (St. Cloud) who could give me the same quality of treatment, but nobody did nearly as well.  I have benefitted again from her excellent massages this summer and when we return in June, I will immediately seek an appointment with her, to help me with her remarkable skills.  Sylvester Theisen

Structural Integration chose me, I was having trouble with my foot and Steph said she could help me - and she did!  I liked knowing it would make a change in my body somehow.  Long term, not just for that hour.  Some of the work was quite uncomfortable, but when the session was over I felt relaxed and in an altered state.  Structural Integration has improved my life - I can walk again.  I now pay attention to how I walk, stand, and hold myself.  I would recommend to check it out to see if it's for you.  Terry, Ely

About five years ago I had chronic pain in my knee.  After an extended period doctors concluded from an MRI that I needed arthroscopic surgery to trim up torn meniscus.  After surgery and weeks of both pre-op and post-op physical therapy, my knee was somewhat better, but still giving considerable pain.  Several months later I had one session of trigger-point therapy with Stephanie Bish.  To my amazement the pain was completely gone within a day or two following her treatment.  She also showed me how to treat myself should the trigger-points reoccur.  They did reoccur after several months, but each time my self-treatment solved the problem. They still reoccur at times, but on less frequent occasions.

A couple of months ago I had some lower back pain which persisted for at least a month.  After one session of trigger-point therapy the back pain was greatly relieved, and after a second the pain was gone. The relief has continued since that time.

Stephanie is especially good at finding those trigger-points, and doing the deep massage required to "release" them.  If in the future I develop chronic pain in my back or one of my joints, I would certainly try trigger-point therapy before opting to see a surgeon or some other form of treatment.  Phil Hogan, Ely

I first visited Stephanie for massage therapy.  At that time I had seen many therapists with a variety of backgrounds and skills.  After my first visit my thoughts were "totally amazing, cleansed and rejuvenated".  As Stephanie and I worked together with CTM and SI I became re-aligned with myself and surroundings and felt more connected than ever before.  My experience with Blissful Body has affected my Mind, Body and Spirit.  Thank you Stephanie.  David R Anderson

 I have felt really well aligned since my Connective Tissue Massage last Friday.  You are very talented, I will definitely be back to see you the next time I am in town.  

- Sonia, Eden Prairie

I have nerve damage in one leg and a new knee in the other leg, plus scar tissue from heart sugery.  Each session of Structural Integration is so much more than a massage.  It is integrating your whole body (section by section) to a final solution to any problems you may have.  I always feel better after each session.  They may be a bit uncomfortable at the time, but the end result is always good.  I am more aware of my body and how I can make it feel better with the help of Stephanie.  I would recommend this bodywork - if you are willing to forego a "regular massage" to tackle specific problems that eventually flow into helping all of you feel better.  Virgie, Ely

 Blissful Body by Stephanie was absolutely amazing during my pregnancy with my daughter.  Around my fifth month of pregnancy I developed shooting pains in my lower back and often times it was difficult to take a deep breath without extreme pain. I thought maybe I should see my doctor, but my mother recommended that I see Stephanie to help relieve the pain.  Stephanie worked with me for the remainder of my pregnancy.  Stephanie is very knowledgeable and easy to work with.  She gave me stretches to work on during my pregnancy and her prenatal massages were relaxing and extremely helpful with the pain.  I would highly recommend Stephanie for prenatal massage.   

- Anne Oelke, Ely

I chose Blissful Body because Stephanie came very highly recommended by many people I know.  I like that prior to each therapy Stephanie listens closely to my areas of concerns (which parts of my body that had the most complaints since my last session).  Then she always sets up an individualized plan to best care for those "problem" areas.  CTM (connective tissue massage) definitely  has improved my life.  It has helped to keep those "aches and stressors" from daily life very relaxed and loose so as I can continue to enjoy my home, family, and work life.  My overall experience is always soothing and effective.  I have already and will always recommend Stephanie to others.  I want to thank Stephanie for her professionalism that is always there and for always 100% privacy with my needs.  I will always appreciate the care I receive from Blissful Body.  Thank you.        Heidi S., Ely

I chose the 10-series of Structural Integration offered at Blissful Body because I was seeking relief of chronic pain and correction of posture.  I left each session feeling more balanced and in tune with my body. The experience of going through the 10-series was overall very positive- professional bodywork in a relaxed atmosphere.  However, it did feel good when you stopped! The work itself improved my life.  In addition to that, I learned more about my body and the far-reaching influences of body mechanics and daily stress on my posture, and I learned effective strategies for reversing those effects.   I would recommend this bodywork for others.  Thanks for everything.  You can walk tall knowing that you helped me walk tall.  Brian

I sought treatment from Stephanie because I am a general dentist and I have practiced for 28 years.  I can recongnize a dentist by their posture that has been set because of the demands of my profession.  Sitting in the same position and performing repetitive motions creates an imbalance that interferes with other activities and creates daily discomfort.  Stephanie has improved my posture, reduced my muscle fatigue, and made me more aware of my daily posture.  I would encourage anyone who has a job that requires repetitive motion or sits in a chair for hours a day to go through the Structural Integration series of ten.  -Scott Anderson DDS, Ely

I have studied, taught and worked alongside Stephanie Bish at the Institute for Structural Integration and wholeheartedly recommend her to your service. When you are ready for top-notch care at the hands of an effective, seasoned practitioner, see Stephanie Bish! 

- Jason Goodbrake, Falls Church, VA

"Stephanie's abilities in connective tissue massage are fantastic!  As a result of her doing body work on me and her educating me, I am a healthier person physically and mentally.  I physically move easier and am much more in tune with not only how my body is functioning, but the vital interplay of mind and body.  Each session with Stephanie is pleasant, tangibly productive, and insightful."

- Michael Dietzman

 Going to Stephanie for a massage is not only a physical gift to myself - it is a spiritual and emotional gift as well.  Stephanie has helped me to be more aware of nurturing myself.  Her spirit and presence is so nurturing that she doesn't even have to put her hands on me  for me to leave there feeling better.  Stephanie completes my spiritual practice of Yoga, meditation, exercise, healthy diet and general self care.  I feel so blessed to have Stephanie's presence and gift of massage in my life.  Laura

“The best ever! A true healer! Stephanie helps me think about my aches and pains in different ways! I love the professionalism with which Stephanie does her work, you can rely on her. ”

- Cindy Otto

My work is very strenuous and sometimes hard on my body.  I began seeing Stephanie about 4 +/- years ago for "feel good massage".  It was a soothing experience...  A couple of years ago, she began expanding her work into Connective Tissue (fascia) Massage which was even more therapeutic for me.  I had persistent back and neck pain with my hard outdoor work and the fascia work seemed to keep my pain free for a couple of weeks.  Now, since Stephanie has been studying Structural Integration, I took the complete 10 series.  It seems to have aligned my entire body, one session at a time.  I think I completed the last sessions in April and May, just before my heavy workload in the garden began.  It is now November and I have had almost no occasions of back pain.  I really attribute my good health to the SI work that Stephanie has done with my body.  I am very grateful that she is in Ely and I would recommend her bodywork to anyone that feels they want to decrease the pain in their lives.  Karen Nielsen Friedrich

"Going to see Stephanie is an important part of my preventative health care plan. Massage helps keep me balanced and invigorated. I highly recommend her skills."

- Nancy Powers