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As founder and owner of Blissful Body by Stephanie Massage and Bodywork in Ely, Minnesota, I love helping people relaim their lives.  I've been in practice since 1998, moving to Ely in 2002.  'Rocks, trees, and water' pulled us here!

After being in practice for 10 years, I really wanted to find techniques that would make lasting change for people.  Connective Tissue Massage (CTM) and The Rolf Method of Structural Integraion (SI) satisfied that desire, for myself and clients.  Childhood surgery and a serious horsing accident created a pattern of scars and pain that affected me every day.  CTM and SI helped by reducing the strain and improving my alignment.  I have a different relationship with my body now.  I'm pleased to offer CTM and SI right here in Ely.

When not seeing clients, I love to garden, it's my happy place!  We own a historic home which we are renovating.  It needed a lot of 'Structural Integration'!!  Most of our travel is to visit family, scattered across the midwest and California.  We've been blessed with a beautiful garden of grandchildren that help keep us young.  

I would be very pleased and honored to meet you and help you evolve along your healing path.



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