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418_Blissful_small.jpgStephanie Bish, founder and owner of Blissful Body by Stephanie Massage and Bodywork in Ely, Minnesota, is a compassionate, professional health practitioner who helps people reclaim their lives with massage and bodywork.   Since 1998 Stephanie has operated her healing practice, relocating to Ely, Minnesota in 2002.  At Blissful Body, you will benefit from Stephanie's attention to detail, and focus on healing.    

Satisfying a desire to offer a higher level of relief and long-lasting postural change for her clients, Stephanie has completed certification in Connective Tissue Massage and The Rolf Method of Structural Integration, continuing to train and learn to this day.  Her thirst for knowledge and personal quest for excellence comes through for you.   These life-enhancing methods of bodywork are now available right here in Ely, MN. 

Stephanie’s passion for the healing arts evolved from her own experiences of healing. Childhood surgery and accident-related injuries caused scar tissue and strain that contributed to many years of pain. Luckily, she discovered massage, bodywork, and structural integration, which reduced the strain, improved her alignment, and has given her a great deal of relief.  Now she is excited to offer her skills and experience to help others feel better and do the things they love. Stephanie is known for blending her knowledge, skills, and intuition to help people attain and maintain their health and well-being.  Many people have found relief and often dramatic results from Stephanie's work.

Gardening and grandchildren are Stephanie's obsessions when not helping clients on their healing journey.  If asked why she moved to Ely, she answers "rocks, trees, and water".  

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