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triggerpoint.jpgTrigger Point Massage Therapy focuses on relieving your pain and restriction by targeting specific points in your muscle tissue that refer pain, sometimes to a distant part of the body. 

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Trigger points form from the lack of oxygen being supplied to the muscle tissue.  This happens because of an injury, lack of exercise, over-use, or even the build up of toxins in your body because of dehydration or food allergies, for instance.  The trigger point itself is very small, but excruciatingly painful.  It is sometimes difficult to find the cause of pain, because the trigger points refer the pain away from where they are.  When you receive Trigger Point Therapy Massage from a trained professional, they will know where to look for the trigger points that are causing your pain. 

Trigger Point Therapy Massage treats the trigger points by bringing oxygen to them.  Sometimes, there is a significant knot of muscle tissue surrounding the trigger point, which must be relaxed before the trigger point can receive the much needed blood and oxygen. 

At Blissful Body, you will be trained how to continue to treat the trigger points at home, for a speedy recovery.  You see, the frequency that you bring oxygen to the trigger point determines how soon it will clear up. 

One of the important points about trigger points is that they often feel better after a bit of treatment, but actually just go ‘latent’, waiting for any opportunity to become ‘active’ again.  The way to get past this tendency is to continue treatment for about two weeks after the pain has cleared up.  Sometimes that is hard to do- you feel better and forget to do the home-treatment.  But it is worth the extra effort.

People who benefit from Trigger Point Therapy Massage include people:

  • Affected by accident and injury
  • With frozen shoulder
  • With sharp or deeply throbbing pain
  • Who will follow through with self-care treatments
  • With difficulty breathing
  • With difficulty sleeping because of pain
  • With dizziness, headaches, TMJ, eye and ear issues
  • And much more

If you are in pain, give me a call and let’s get you on the road to wellness and being comfortable in your own body again.  What activities will you enjoy again once you are pain free?

What people are saying about Trigger Point Massage and Blissful Body:

About five years ago I had chronic pain in my knee.  After an extended period doctors concluded from an MRI that I needed arthroscopic surgery to trim up torn meniscus.  After surgery and weeks of both pre-op and post-op physical therapy, my knee was somewhat better, but still giving considerable pain.  Several months later I had one session of trigger-point therapy with Stephanie Bish.  To my amazement the pain was completely gone within a day or two following her treatment.  She also showed me how to treat myself should the trigger-points reoccur.  They did reoccur after several months, but each time my self-treatment solved the problem. They still reoccur at times, but on less frequent occasions.

A couple of months ago I had some lower back pain which persisted for at least a month.  After one session of trigger-point therapy the back pain was greatly relieved, and after a second the pain was gone.  The relief has continued since that time.

Stephanie is especially good at finding those trigger-points, and doing the deep massage required to "release" them.  If in the future I develop chronic pain in my back or one of my joints, I would certainly try trigger-point therapy before opting to see a surgeon or some other form of treatment.  Phil Hogan, Ely