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Connective Tissue Massage


Structural Integration




Are you struggling with chronic pain or stress and looking for natural and effective solutions for holistic health? Do you have trouble standing up straight, are you getting shorter, or do you feel like you are losing a battle with gravity? Do you feel like you are no longer living life to its fullest?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, give Stephanie a call to set up an appointment for yourself.  Feeling the work in your body is the best way to know if it's for you. 218-235-1732

Stephanie offers services in Ely, Minnesota.  Also serving Tower, Cook, Virginia, Babbitt, and the Arrowhead region.  Specializing in massage and bodywork, structural integration and posture alignment to improve holistic health.



I first visited Stephanie for massage therapy.  At that time I had seen many therapists with a variety of backgrounds and skills.  After my first visit my thoughts were "totally amazing, cleansed and rejuvenated".  As Stephanie and I worked together with CTM and SI I became re-aligned with myself and surroundings and felt more connected than ever before.  My experience with Blissful Body has affected my Mind, Body and Spirit.  Thank you Stephanie.  David R Anderson