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By Stephanie Bish

Schedule your maintenance.

One of the first things you learn when you own a car is how to maintain it.  You change the oil, check the fluids, check the tires, etcetera, or you hire someone to do it for you.  It doesn't take long into car ownership to find that out!  What would happen if you didn't heed this advice?  Maybe an engine needing repair, an accident caused by bad tires, or even having to buy a new vehicle.  Hopefully this lesson would not come at the cost of your health.

When your home was brand new, the foundation was sturdy, the walls straight, the windows and doors worked well, and the roof was worry-free.  But only 10 years into the life of a home and the maintenance cycle is in full swing.   The furnace needs to be checked, the hot water heater must be replaced every so often, and the exterior needs repairs and updates to keep the weather out.  If we ignore the needed maintenance, we pay.  

The thing is, we pay now or later.  We pay for the maintenance or we pay for the repair.   And it is invariably more inconvenient and expensive to wait until we are forced to do a repair or replacement, than keeping up with the maintenance.  

You need maintenance, too!  And just like your car and your home, if you wait until there is a big problem, it will take a big solution.  Here is a basic maintenance list for your body:

  • Stress management
  • Being present
  • Breathing
  • Finding your unique rhythm
  • Preventing injury
  • Nutrition and hydration
  • Movement and exercise
  • Sleep and rest
  • Play and laughter
  • Social connection and support
You only get one body, and only you decide how it will be maintained.   If you don't have your health, you will not have anything.  It really is easy to get lulled into thinking that something, well, everything is more important right now than maintaining your health.  But the daily small acts of maintenance will give you many rewards for many years.  Start today; do something, any one thing, to get the maintenance cycle started for your body. 
In the next blogs we'll be looking at some of these 10 ways to maintain your body.  If you have a moment, email me with your favorite ways to maintain your body.  


About the author: Stephanie Bish owns 'Blissful Body by Stephanie' in Ely, MN; also serving Babbitt, Virginia, Tower, and the Arrowhead Region.   As a Massage Therapist,  Structural Integrator, and Reiki Master Teacher, she enjoys guiding people on their path to well-being.

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