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By Stephanie Bish

Happy Feet- Relieve your painful feet

If you suffer from painful feet, you are not alone.  75% of Americans will have foot pain some time in their lives.  The pain can be annoying, or sometimes debilitating.  Since our whole body depends on our feet as our foundation, pain can travel to all parts of your body after starting in the feet.

Common causes of foot pain are:

  • Overuse, such as standing for long hours at a job
  • Poor fitting shoes ('cute' is not a good reason to wear shoes that damage our feet)
  • Injury
  • Medical conditions, such as Diabetes
  • Structural defects
As in all health related subjects, prevention is your best cure.  Pay attention to your feet. When they hurt, make some common sense changes in your life.  Wear shoes that have no, or little heel, and plenty of room for your toes.  You want your shoes to provide an environment as close to nature as possible, and in nature, the foot is on the ground with plenty of wiggle room.  Also, it is wise to allow the foot articulate (move freely) as you walk and run.  This keeps the many joints of the foot mobile and that is good.  That means binding the foot up tightly is not usually the best prevention.  Also, in nature our feet would have uneven surfaces to navigate, our world is full of paved surfaces.  Try getting off the path occasionally.
If you haven't done it before, Google 'bones of the foot' images and take a look at the amazing bones of your feet.  Now imagine your weight on those bones.  There are plenty of opportunities for injury there, with the small bones, and many joints.  As we move, our weight comes down on those joints and causes stress- every time you step.
Some easy things to do for sore feet at home:
  • Soak them in Epsom salts
  • Trade foot massages with a family member
  • Roll your feet over a golf ball to relieve stress
  • Keep the callouses filed down 
  • Soften skin by using lotions- overnight under socks if they are really dry
I have studied Foot Reflexology extensively.  It is a method of massaging the feet in such a way that balance and healing is 'reflected' to the whole body.  It is especially great for balancing the endocrine system, which regulates all the metabolic functions of our body, like thyroid and hormones.  
Besides the good Reflexology does the rest of your body, it really helps your feet feel better and relieves pain.  The 30-45 minutes of very precise and thorough massage, especially if done on a weekly basis, addresses serious issues, relieves tension, and relaxes muscles.  The foot is able to move properly and function healthily.  Foot reflexology can be a stand alone service, or can be incorporated into massage or bodywork.
Give me a call and set up a session of Foot Reflexology- you will be glad you did- and your feet will be very happy! 

About the author: Stephanie Bish owns 'Blissful Body by Stephanie' in Ely, MN; also serving Babbitt, Virginia, Tower, and the Arrowhead Region.   As a Massage Therapist,  Structural Integrator, and Reiki Master Teacher, she enjoys guiding people on their path to well-being.

 You can check out her website at  Call 218-235-1732, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to set an appointment. 

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