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By Stephanie Bish

Burnout Syndrome

Burnout is a common problem in our hectic world.  It can leave you feeling tired, depressed, and like you don't remember your purpose.  Once in a deep burnout, it can be hard to reverse the trend.  

As with most conditions, it is much easier to avoid burnout than to reverse the trend.  Paying close attention to your self-care regime is paramount to staying out of burnout.  Burnout results from not taking the time to care for yourself, often while taking care of others.  

Self-care that helps prevent burnout includes:

  • Take some time to get clear about what has meaning to you in your life.  Then arrange your life around those priorities.
  • Make sure you are getting enough rest, moderate exercise, and a healthy diet.
  • Take time every week for recreation (that's 'fun' in case it has been so long that you don't remember!!)
  • Are you spread too thin?  Can you let something go?  Can you cut back on something?  Can you ask others to pitch in?
  • Take a really honest look at the stresses in your life.  Where is the pressure coming from?  Which of these sources can you let go of, rearrange, or delegate?
  • How long has it been since you've had a real vacation?  
  • Schedule occasional little retreats for yourself.  Do you feel rejuvenated by a hike in the woods, a day to read a good book, dinner at a fine restaurant, a night in a bed and breakfast, a massage?
Once you are feeling burned-out, you may appreciate a Reiki treatment.  Reiki is a very relaxing Japanese technique.  You lay on a comfortable table, with your clothes on, with a blanket and soothing music playing.  The Reiki practitioner lays hands on areas of your body, like the head, eyes, ears and chest, or holds them near your body.  
You may feel yourself drifting off to 'lala land', or theta waves, which is a condition of complete relaxation, without falling asleep.   Stress slips away.  You feel loved, safe, clear, and well.
A recent study showed that Reiki had a positive effect on heart rate and body temperature, demonstrating an effect on the parasympathetic nervous system.  Simply put, it reduces stress and sets up an environment for healing.
A very successful way to receive Reiki is to get three sessions in three days.  This frequency creates a real shift, allowing you move into new patterns of thought, letting old habits go, and embracing healthy activities and ideas.  It puts you more in touch with that part of yourself that knows and is at ease.
We really do need to take as good care of ourselves as our loved ones, our work responsibilities, and our many other obligations.  In fact, if we aren't taking care of ourselves, we are not going to be healthy enough to take care of others.  Make the commitment to take care of yourself and avoid burnout.  If you are already in burnout, schedule a Reiki session today, and see how it benefits you.

About the author: Stephanie Bish owns 'Blissful Body by Stephanie' in Ely, MN; also serving Babbitt, Virginia, Tower, and the Arrowhead Region.   As a Massage Therapist,  Structural Integrator, and Reiki Master Teacher, she enjoys guiding people on their path to well-being.

 You can check out her website at  Call 218-235-1732, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to set an appointment. 

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