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I had the good fortune to discover Stephanie Bish in the early summer of 2008 for which I am forever grateful.   Her massages weekly that summer and again this summer have helped me more than any other kind of physical therapy which I have received.  Twenty years ago, in a car crash, I suffered a fracture of a vertebra which has caused muscle tension in my back ever since.  Other massage persons over the years gave some relief but none to the degree given me by treatments from Stephanie Bish.  At the end of summer in 2008 (we stay at a cabin near Ely for about 3 months each summer) I thought I might find someone back home (St. Cloud) who could give me the same quality of treatment, but nobody did nearly as well.  I have benefitted again from her excellent massages this summer and when we return in June, I will immediately seek an appointment with her, to help me with her remarkable skills.  Sylvester Theisen