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Connective Tissue Massage


Structural Integration





I chose Blissful Body because Stephanie came very highly recommended by many people I know.  I like that prior to each therapy Stephanie listens closely to my areas of concerns (which parts of my body that had the most complaints since my last session).  Then she always sets up an individualized plan to best care for those "problem" areas.  CTM (connective tissue massage) definitely  has improved my life.  It has helped to keep those "aches and stressors" from daily life very relaxed and loose so as I can continue to enjoy my home, family, and work life.  My overall experience is always soothing and effective.  I have already and will always recommend Stephanie to others.  I want to thank Stephanie for her professionalism that is always there and for always 100% privacy with my needs.  I will always appreciate the care I receive from Blissful Body.  Thank you.        Heidi S., Ely