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About five years ago I had chronic pain in my knee.  After an extended period doctors concluded from an MRI that I needed arthroscopic surgery to trim up torn meniscus.  After surgery and weeks of both pre-op and post-op physical therapy, my knee was somewhat better, but still giving considerable pain.  Several months later I had one session of trigger-point therapy with Stephanie Bish.  To my amazement the pain was completely gone within a day or two following her treatment.  She also showed me how to treat myself should the trigger-points reoccur.  They did reoccur after several months, but each time my self-treatment solved the problem. They still reoccur at times, but on less frequent occasions.

A couple of months ago I had some lower back pain which persisted for at least a month.  After one session of trigger-point therapy the back pain was greatly relieved, and after a second the pain was gone. The relief has continued since that time.

Stephanie is especially good at finding those trigger-points, and doing the deep massage required to "release" them.  If in the future I develop chronic pain in my back or one of my joints, I would certainly try trigger-point therapy before opting to see a surgeon or some other form of treatment.  Phil Hogan, Ely