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Are you struggling with chronic pain or stress and looking for natural and effective solutions for holistic health? Do you have trouble standing up straight, are you getting shorter, or do you feel like you are losing a battle with gravity? Do you feel like you are no longer living life to its fullest?

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Stephanie offers services in Ely Minnesota, also serving Tower, Cook, Virginia, Babbitt, and the Arrowhead region, including tissue massage therapies, energy balancing, aromatherapy, structural/posture alignment, classes and essential health supplements to improve holistic health.


 Blissful Body by Stephanie was absolutely amazing during my pregnancy with my daughter.  Around my fifth month of pregnancy I developed shooting pains in my lower back and often times it was difficult to take a deep breath without extreme pain. I thought maybe I should see my doctor, but my mother recommended that I see Stephanie to help relieve the pain.  Stephanie worked with me for the remainder of my pregnancy.  Stephanie is very knowledgeable and easy to work with.  She gave me stretches to work on during my pregnancy and her prenatal massages were relaxing and extremely helpful with the pain.  I would highly recommend Stephanie for prenatal massage.   Anne Oelke, Ely

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